Monday, November 22, 2010

Holland 300 New Members!

55. Jennifer Noyes - NEW!!
54. Carlos Flores - NEW!!
53. Friends of Lauren - Leilani, Amanda, Annie, Cherie and Thomas - NEW!!
52. Willis Allen - NEW!!
51. Jen Scaffidi - NEW!!
50. Deane, Judy, Mike and Scott Albright (x4!!) - NEW!!
49. Tim Jones - NEW!!
48. Malena Satre Raymond - NEW!!
47. Kate Jackson (x3!!)
46. Callie Kitral
45. Sam O'Brien
44. Priscilla Tran
43. Nettie Oliverio
42. Sarah Lillegard
41. Mike Livernash
40. Jasmine Cividino
39. Robyn Powers
38. Susan Mayes Smith
37. Edna and Bruno Benna (x3!!!)
36. Nancy Milligan
35. Cari Cunningham & Trannon Mosher
34. Christine Fey
33. Lois Bynum
32. Mark Curtis
31. Jevan Burchfield
30. Kelly Curtis
29. Courtney Sweet
28. Tricia Demeritt (x3!!!)
27. Great Basin Community Food Cooperative
26. Aja Pecknold
25. Scott Walquist
24. Erica Wirthlin
23. Justice Manha
22. Swahili
21. St. James Infirmary
20. Jeanne Jo
19. Dennyse Sewell
18. Angela Watson
17. India Anderson
16. Paul Hewen x 2
15. Brad Diller
14. Jackson Scribner
13. Lincoln Lounge
12. Old Granite Street Eatery
11. Imperial Bar and Lounge
10. Mark Dunagan
9. Bob Conrad
8. Bootleg Courier
7. Joe Ferguson
6. Cepage Selections
5. Megan Berner
4. Britt Curtis
3. Chris Fairchild
2. Steve Hull
1. Clint Neuerburg

Friday, November 19, 2010

Holland 300 - Year Two!! FIRST DONATION IN!



Hi 300 Members!

It’s been a full year now since the launch of the 300 Campaign and I just wanted to thank you all again for your incredible support and love—and your passion for Reno’s all-ages community. It’s been a fantastic year thanks to your support, and we wanted to share some of our accomplishments that you helped make possible!

Transitioning into a Real Venue

Due to the support of the 300 Campaign, Holland was able to convert what was a bar area of an old restaurant into an awesome all-ages show space, including:

  • the building and carpeting of a performance stage;
  • the acquisition and set-up of an incredible and professional sound system with all the fixins’;
  • the commission of an original stage backdrop and ambient lighting set-up by local artists Omar Pierce and Nick Larsen;
  • the commission of a beautiful custom wooden sound booth by Tim Conder;
  • the ability to have snacks and concessions at all Holland shows;
  • the installation of SOLAR POWER onto the Rainshadow roof;
  • the creation of new intern positions, including: Venue Manager, held currently by Julian Jacobs (age 20), and Head of Promotions, held by Callie Kittrall (age 20).

Programming & New Projects

Thanks in part to your fantastic support of the Holland Project, we were able to see many wonderful programmatic changes and advances this year, including:

  • A major increase (by more than 50%!) in both number of events and attendance
  • The development of both a Photo Corps (young, emerging photographers documenting Holland events) and the Flyer Corps (a group of diverse designers, illustrators, and collage-makers that work to create original poster and flyer designs for Holland events)
  • The execution of more than 16 art exhibits in the Holland Gallery, featuring work from artists ages 15-30.
  • The launch of Showprint—a monthly all-ages letterpress newsprint calendar featuring calendar listings, original artwork, and more—produced by two high-school interns Stephanie (age 16) and Emily (age 17).

Exciting Changes

When our outgoing Program Directors made the proclamation that their replacements should be both young and awesome, we couldn’t have found two more appropriate candidates—Clark Demeritt (age 19) and Erica Wirthlin (age 20)—both already igniting and progressing Holland’s programming endeavors brilliantly. Additionally, Holland was able to restructure its Gallery Committee and visual arts arm, bringing in the talented Sarah Lillegard (Go For Broke Zine Collective) to lead the Holland Gallery into a very exciting new year.

As you can see, it’s been a busy and exciting year full of change, transition, and growth—and put simply, WE COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU. Your belief in Holland and your dedication to Reno’s arts and cultural community is beyond value. We thank you heaps and tons for your contribution to the Holland 300 Campaign one year ago and for making it possible for Holland to do what it does.


After talking to many of the Holland 300 members this past year, we have learned that many of you would like to continue your membership and make this campaign a yearly project. We, of course, love that idea! We can’t think of a better way—especially as the economic climate remains dismal—to be powered in part by our local community and our friends. If you think you are able, and you’d like to re-commit to the Holland 300, we would be honored and grateful! To celebrate your re-commitment, Holland will present you with an original letterpress artwork from Buffalo Wallow and a new Holland tee! Of course, we’ll also throw a celebration once we meet our goal.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all you do for Reno’s cultural community and for Holland. It truly means the world to us.

With a ton of respect and gratitude,

Britt Curtis

Holland Project Director

To recommit to the Holland 300, please check out the following (and thank you!):

-visit to learn more or pay online


-simply send a check for $100 to Holland Project / 122 Ridge Street, B / 89501

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yo 300 Members, let's celebrate! Details below!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Holland 300!

158-308. KRISTIN AND KLAUS GRIMM (x 150!!!!!!!)
157. Mike Steedman
156. Scott Armstrong
155. Amanda Rookey & Stacey Spain
153. Karen Ross
152. Pan Pantoja [Holland Project Board Member]
151. Ashley Miller
150. Joey Curtis
149. David Bobzien
148. Bootleg Courier
147. The Blue Plate
146. Babboo
145. Alta Bracken
144. Carol Quinn (@ $125!)
143. Chris Fairchild
142. Elizabeth Gledhill
141. Scott Walquist
140. Carl Harris
139. Crush Hair Studio
138. Lois Bynum
137. Cathleen Trachok
136. Richard Trachok
135. Clint Sleeper
134. Theresa Reilly
104-133. EDNA AND BRUNO BENNA (x 30!!!!!)
103. Black Hole Body Piercing
102. Paul and Kathy Williams
101. Christine Fey
100. Kristen Power
99. Marin Gillis
98. Peter Parker
97. Kristin Heavey
96. Casey Robbins
95. The Wallace Family
94. Nancy Darby Walker
93. Apprentice and the Total Professionals
92. Sam O'Brien
91. Piscevich & Fenner Attorneys at Law
90. 5 Reno Teens
89. Nicole Willis-Grimes
88. Molly Conklin
87. Matt Polley
86. Shannon Roach
85. Carl Spence
83-84. Deane Albright (x 2!!)
82. Christine Mitchell (@ $150!)
81. Randy Burke
80. Nettie Oliverio
79. Charlene Booth
78. Robyn Powers
77. B.J. North
76. Steven Hull
75. William A. Douglass
74. Elizabeth Phillips
73. Susan Boskoff
72. Lucinda Long and Praying for Greater Portland
71. Jim and Rachel Crawford
70. Steven Severin and Leigh Sims
69. Larry and Barbara Larsen
67-68. Liz Weber (x2.5!!)
66. Jennifer and Michael Reid
65. Rachel Milon [Holland Project Board member]
64. The Mighty Watsons
63. Jane Raley
62. Kelly Curtis
61. Forrest and Gretchen Bietz
60. Peggy Curtis
59. Edward Devine
58. Sherri Devine
55-57. Sticker Guy (x3!!)
54. Gordon Magnin (@ $123!)
53. Carla Leonardi
52. My Flag is on Fire
51. Aja Pecknold
50. Erik Holland
49. Mark Curtis
48. Megan Berner [Holland Project Board member]
47. Cassandra Joseph [Holland Project Board member]
46. The Lincoln Lounge
45. Imperial Bar and Lounge
44. David Curtis
43. Susan Mayes-Smith
42. David LaPlante [Holland Project Board member] @davidlaplante
41. Ernie Chang @ernie
39-40. C├ępage, LLC (x2!)
29-38. HeideMarie Rochlin (x10!!!!!)
28. Marnee Benson [Holland Project Board member]
27. Joe Ferguson [Holland Project Board member]
26. Neverender
25. Aimee Magnin
24. Julie Douglass
23. Great Basin Community Food Co-op
22. Dave Aiazzi @aiazzi
21. Tillman Frick
11-20. SilverSky Group (x10!!!!!)
10. Jonathan Studebaker
9. Noah Silverman @renobikeproject
8. Eelke and Haley Folmer
7. Elisa Maser @elisapiper
6. Lauren Siegel
5. Dennyse Daniels [Holland Project Board member]
4. Jevan Burchfield [Holland Project Board member]
3. Clint Neuerburg @hollandproject
2. Van Pham @hollandproject
1. Britt Curtis @hollandproject


We are extremely proud to announce that our community has rallied and Holland 300 Campaign has met its goal.

In just over two months, the Holland 300 Campaign has had many inspiring moments, including the generous donation of $3000 from longtime community supporters Edna and Bruno Benna; $1000 donations from HeideMarie Rochlin and SilverSky Group; anonymous donation of $20 each from “five Reno teens;” and the donations from Reno bands My Flag is on Fire, Praying for Greater Portland, and Apprentice and the Total Professionals. Local businesses such as Cepage, Lincoln Lounge, Imperial Bar and Lounge, Crush Hair Studio, Neverender, Black Hole Body Piercing, Sticker Guy, Babboo, The Blue Plate, Bootleg Courier and the Great Basin Food Co-operative also showed their support for Reno’s all-ages movement. The biggest moment in the Campaign came last week when Kristin and Klaus Grimm/Draper Family Foundation announced they would match the Holland 300 when 150 members had joined.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all the Holland 300--to all the individuals who rallied for Holland, to those who asked their friends and family to give, to the businesses and bands who showed their support, to friends in Seattle, New York, and LA--we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And now, we celebrate! Stay tuned for details...